This Cat Delivers Flowers Instead of Dead Animals

Cats love to bring animals home to their humans to show affection. Sometimes, these creatures will be alive and sometimes they won’t. Either way, their parents are rarely happy about it. However, Willow loves to give much more thoughtful gifts than just some hunted prey.

Rosie first met Willow when she moved into a new house in the UK. She said that she found the cat just sitting in her hallway like she owned the place. However, not long after she began noticing pink flowers scattered around her patio.

How Rosie Met Willow

At first, Rosie was certain the wind had just carried the flowers to her. However, she kept seeing more and more, and they seemed to be intentionally set right at her door. 

Image: Screenshot, Love Meow YouTube

When she first heard that her secret admirer might be Willow, she had her doubts. But sure enough, after about 10 flowers, she saw the cat trotting toward her home with another pink flower in her mouth. Rosie had never seen anything like it before!

“I was so excited that I went to film it because she’s so cute and I’d never seen a cat ever bring back anything but dead animals before,” said Rosie.

Rosie lives on a street of terraced houses that have a garden corridor between another line of terraced houses. Therefore, Willow walks around and delivers flowers to the back doors of a few different neighbors. Plus, when she visits her friends, they often feed her because she’s just so hard to resist.

Image: Screenshot, Love Meow YouTube

Willow’s Adventures

Willow visits at least six different neighbors, and oftentimes, after she leaves her gift, she will sit by their back door and meow until she’s let in. No matter where she goes, she likes to act like she’s in charge. No one seems to mind because she’s adorable and sweet, especially since she brings such beautiful gifts.

Some neighbors even leave items in their homes for when Willow comes by. Not only does she get food and treats, but some people even give her boxes to sleep in.

Image: Screenshot, Love Meow YouTube

Willow clearly loves Rosie because she steals flowers from her own family just to bring them to Rosie’s back door. When Rosie moved into her new home, she never expected to befriend a neighbor cat, but now she is overjoyed with the gifts she receives from Willow. 

Cats do love certain humans, but they just have a funny way of showing it. Luckily, Willow’s affection is both heartwarming and adorable, and she shares her kindness with so many people.

Featured Image: Screenshot, Love Meow YouTube

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