Freshpet Discusses Their Cooking Process and Why Vets Recommend Freshpet to Pet Owners

The methods that we use to cook food makes all the difference when
preparing food for ourselves, as even healthy food products can be cooked in
ways that reduce their nutritional value. At Freshpet, the belief that we can
and should provide the best quality food possible to our pets drives our veterinary
nutrition experts to find the best way to prepare the high quality ingredients
in our food without compromising the flavors your pet has come to expect. Here,
Freshpet discusses their cooking process and how it enables them to be a brand
consistently recommended by veterinarians when considering options for your
pet’s diet.

How Does Freshpet’s Cooking
Process Differ from Traditional Pet Foods?

A key difference between Freshpet healthy dog food and dry kibble or canned food lies within the cooking process. Freshpet’s heating process requires gently steam-cooking our ingredients in a manner that is very similar to home-cooking. Cooking the ingredients at a lower temperature and for shorter amounts of time ensures that Freshpet cooks ingredients just to the point where they are safe, tasty and nutritious for your pet – and no further. Nutritional studies demonstrate that essential amino acids can be more easily absorbed and used by our pets when they are cooked low and slow versus methods that are harsher and change the structure of the proteins in their diet.  Because of this, Freshpet avoids excessive heating, ensuring that they provide quality food that your pet loves without compromising nutrients essential to an animal’s continued health.

Why Do Vets Recommend Freshpet?

veterinarian recommending healthy dog food

Great Alternative to Home Cooking: As pet owners, we
always want to provide our pets with the very best quality ingredients as we
know the profound impact that a good diet has on our furry friends’ continued
health. Pet owners that do not have the time required to cook their meals at
home often choose Freshpet, as veterinarians feel confident recommending Freshet
diets as a viable alternative. The reasoning is simple – Freshpet offers a
complete and balanced diet for your pet, has high quality and safety standards,
and  is so much more like homemade foods than
traditional canned foods or kibble.

Provides Excellent Nutrition: As our pets age, our
responsibility for supplying them with essential nutrients to ensure their good
health increases incrementally. Senior pets may suffer from dental problems
such as missing teeth, tarter build up, or gingivitis that can make it
difficult to eat hard kibble. Freshpet is easier to chew and swallow than
kibble because of its tender consistency, making it highly palatable to senior
pets that may have become pickier eaters throughout the years. Freshpet has
performed nutritional studies at the University of Illinois that showed
essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for the proteins in your
pets muscles and tissues, are made more available when food is steam cooked
versus the methods used to produce dry kibble, canned, or raw pet foods. This
means that even if your pet is not a senior, there may be inherent benefits to
consuming Freshpet over more traditional pet foods.

Has High Moisture Content for Hydration: Any cat parent
will tell you that cats are notorious for not drinking water consistently.
Research has shown that cats that consume diets that are higher in moisture
will drink less but ultimately consume more water throughout the day due to the
water content within their food. Doubling down on your cat’s hydration by
offering them food higher in moisture content is beneficial for the health of
your cat as it dilutes urine and increases the frequency of urination. This
both helps cats with urinary tract issues while further ensuring that your
healthy cat will not develop them.

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